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Charnley Fisheries supply premium
wild-caught Australian Barramundi and

King Threadfin Salmon

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Barramundi and King Threadfin Salmon are wild-caught in remote, isolated coastal waters of the Northern Territory, Australia. 

The fishery is well-managed and sustainable. 
It is a boutique fishery with a very small number of fishers.

Fish Fillet

Once caught, the crew hand-process the fish at sea.  The fish are filleted, fillets are then individually wrapped and packed in 5kg or 10kg cartons.  The fillets are blast frozen on-board to lock in the goodness and flavour. 

All fishing and processing is overseen by owner-operators to ensure that the product quality is superb.

Barramundi and threadfin salmon are highly regarded table fish. They are both mild tasting, with delicious white flaky flesh.

Barramundi and threadfin salmon live in warm tropical, coastal waters around
NT, QLD and top of WA.

Barramundi is an aboriginal word which means large scaled fish.  Barramundi are hermaphroditic and change from male to female when they are around 4 years old.  

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Who We Are

Charnley Fisheries supply wild-caught Barramundi and Threadfin Salmon harvested from remote waters in the Northern Territory, Australia. 

Peter Ince and Marko Simlesa are the owner operators of Charnley Fisheries.  They have been fishing in the NT since the 1980s and are committed to 
sustainable fishing practices.

Charnley Fisheries aim to provide premium quality fish so people can enjoy the great taste and health benefits provided by nature.  

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We’d love to hear from you!  For enquiries please email below or call: 
Peter           0438 161 255
Marko         0417 871 894

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